Product Summary

The DDA003A is a dual frequency crystal oscillator. It is designed to meet today’s requirements for 3.3V CML clock generation applications. The device uses a high Q fundamental crystal and Phase Lock Loop (PLL) multiplier to provide selectable 133.33 MHz or 137.93 MHz, ultra low jitter and phase noise CML differential output. The DDA003A is a member of ON Semiconductor’s Pure Edge clock family that provides accurate and precision clock solutions. The applications of the DDA003A include High-End Servers, Base station, General Purpose Clock Generation and Margining.


DDA003A absolute maximum ratings: (1)VDD Positive Power Supply GND = 0V: 4.6V; (2)TA Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +85℃; (3)Tstg Storage Temperature Range: -55℃ to +120℃; (4)Tsol Wave Solder: 260℃; (5)IDD Power Supply Current: 100mA; (6) VIH OE Input HIGH Voltage: 2000mV; (7)VIL OE Input LOW Voltage: 800mV.


DDA003A features: (1)CML Differential Output; (2)Uses High Q Fundamental Mode Crystal and PLL Multiplier; (3)Ultra Low Jitter and Phase Noise - 0.4ps (12 kHz - 20 MHz); (4)Selectable Output Frequency - 133.33 MHz (default)/137.93 MHz; (5)Hermetically Sealed Ceramic SMD Package; (6)RoHS Compliant; (7)Operating Range 3.3V ±10%; (8)Total Frequency Stability: ±20 PPM or ±50 PPM.


DDA003A block diagram